The heartbeat of a garden is its wildlife and you can do lots or almost nothing to help things along depending on how much time and effort you can devote to the cause. We take a look at some of the different things you can do to help you get started with your own wildlife garden. Key activities for a wildlife garden 1. Do nothing Nature will restore the balance of a garden within years and if left to its own devices, a balance will naturally occur. OK, your broad

Finding the right garden fence can be a bit tricky, so we’ve taken a look at five of our favourites to help make your decision a bit easier. All of these products are made of the best quality wood and treated to allow for maximum durability.   6’x6′ Fence-Plus Chestnut Brown Featheredge Panel This is a new addition to our fencing range and it has proved to be one of our most popular! We’re putting this down to the unique dark chestnut brown treatment which has been applied to the

Many gardeners ‘shut up shop’ for winter, but by doing a few key jobs, you can prevent weather damage and keep your plot looking smart throughout the colder months. Winter garden maintenance Fences and sheds Check that structures are sound and replace loose or rotten wood. Make sure fence posts are securely concreted in and panels are well attached. Stain or use wood preservative during spells of dry, settled weather, so it can dry properly. Paths and decking Treat with proprietary cleaner to remove lichen and rotting foliage – a

If being close to nature, feeling good in the fresh breeze, getting your hands dirty in the rich soil and appreciating outdoors activities sound like they would add some happiness and peace to your existence, then maybe you should think about getting involved in gardening-away-from-home by renting an allotment. The allotment system goes back a long way and has (especially in earlier times) provided opportunities for poorer communities to cultivate fruit and veggies for their own use. Whilst socio-economic conditions may have greatly improved and whilst for some years it

Recently we were lucky enough to interview Joe Lamp’l from award-winning national PBS series, Growing A Greener World.  We asked Joe some questions on organic gardening, making a difference in your community, and the transition of the farming industry over the years.  Below you will find all of his answers and be able to read a bit more about Joe at the end. 1. What is your all-time top gardening tip for the gardener? “Feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants” It’s all about the soil. It’s like

Whether there is a drought in the region or not, it is very important to have good water practices when gardening. Most people envision ground cracked from the baking sun and the lack of rain when they think about drought. Though Britain does not usually experience such a severe type of drought, it seems there are changes occurring in the climate and the hosepipe bans are becoming more frequent in the country. So when it comes to watering an allotment everyone should be doing their best to collect rainwater instead

When it comes to brightening up your lifestyle at home, there are many paths you can take such as repainting a room or installing new flooring. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option to give your home a fresh look, all you may need to do is add a few houseplants. There is something incredibly welcoming about a space full of beautifully blossoming plants, but for those who actually spend time with houseplants, there is a significant difference between simply keeping a plant alive versus getting one to

The key for anyone new to gardening is to follow manageable steps. It is easy to become overwhelmed not only with all the garden design possibilities but also with the amount of effort that is involved in keeping up a nice garden. For the person who enjoys gardening, time in the garden is enjoyable. Some people, however, are only interested in the minimal amount of gardening or yard maintenance, which means mowing the lawn and calling it a day. Those who have a passion and energy for gardening, but who

The month of April is the ideal time of the year to plant exotic summer-flowering bulbs. Bulb planting makes for a glamorous touch to any garden, especially to create a beautiful summer display. Bulbs are quite versatile since they can be grown in just about any garden situation. Whether they are planted in rock gardens, grass, borders, or even in pots, bulbs will burst forth from the ground and then die back in a single season. When more permanent plants are lacking in a garden, bulb planting in the spring

Kim Eierman is an environmental horticulturist, teaching at a number of botanical gardens and spreading the word about eco-friendly gardening. Specialising in ecological landscapes and native plants, Kim also provides horticultural consulting for homeowners and commercial businesses. Here Kim gives us an insight into what exactly constitutes as being an eco-beneficial gardener. Our interview with Kim Eierman What is one of your all-time top-tips for somebody who is just starting out in gardening? Did anybody give you a piece of excellent advice when you first started? The most important thing to

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